The 4 of Clubs

Today I found a lovely playing card. The 4 of Clubs, which is equivalent to the 4 of Wands in the Tarot, and which is an extremely auspicious card. I was helping my mom move an old desk out of her new house, and to move it we had to remove the drawers. There, under a drawer was a 4 of Clubs. The drawers, themselves, were empty so who knows where or how it ended up there.

It is a good omen, representing happiness, love, community and healing.

I remember under the stove at our old house on Anderson street, shortly after we moved in, I found a 10 of Hearts. This is another extremely auspicious card. The first time I found it I was walking to class during law school. This was a few months after my boyfriend had broken up with me out of nowhere for reasons I didn’t understand. I was extremely depressed, but learning about spirituality and how much bigger everything was, as compared to me, made me feel a lot better. I had just started to look for and recognize divine signs. The 10 of Hearts which coincides with the Tarot’s 10 of Cups represents marriage and family and strong bonds. Meanwhile, I was quite far from any of those things.

But I knew it was a good omen.

A couple of years later, when I found the second 10 of Hearts on Anderson street, I was living in a house with my former ex-boyfriend, who, by this time, was my husband. I was either pregnant, or had just had our first child. Now we have two. Despite the madness that seems to be going on around us, our family unit is locked, loaded and thriving.

The 4 of Clubs is a card of community and joyful celebration. Meanwhile, we live in a time where celebratory congregations are greatly discouraged. But–similarly to how I was single as fuck when I found the 10 of Hearts the first time, I know that things can turn the hell around for the better.

The 4 of Clubs seems to suggest that it will.

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