Who is Carrie Share and why do I care?

Edit 1/22/20: The below was originally written at some point in 2009, around the time when that picture was taken.  All of the below is still true, except the Facebook “25 things about me” posts are long, long ago forgtten history. I’ll keep the picture as is though. 


Carrie Share here…..

Here are some random snippets about me for you to marinade on. Most are true, some are just a testament to my sheer creativity (they’re lies). I’ll let you decide.

-I am an Aries/Taurus cusp, but more accurately an Aries

– My favorite color is cerulean

-My favorite color is emerald green

-My puppy lady means the world to me

wait…you know what. This is starting to read like one of those horrible 25 things about me posts from Facebook. Not my scene.

I’ll just tell you this:

I like ideas and innovation, and no matter what I will always thoroughly amuse myself.

I will add one more. This Spotify playlist I made in 2011 is probably one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. 

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