Postpartum Body Image Pt. 2

My vision board is 100% pictures of Serena Van der Woodsen

If you read my last post, you’ll recall that I have approximately 9lbs to lose in order to get back to my pre-baby weight. And you’ll recall that I’m damn sure going to lose them because I don’t feel like expending the energy to “learn to love” my current baby-bod. But I still benefit from positivity, and positive thinking so the purpose of this post is to illustrate to myself all the ways that I am making good choices.

Because here’s the thing– I will not get to a place where I feel good about my shape unless I can remind myself to feel good about myself, daily. This is the way the world works; your internal state will be reflected in your external reality, its not the other way around. Meaning that self-loathing is extraordinarily counter-productive.

So here is my pat-on-the-back, feel-good list of ways to like yourself when you’ve just had a baby, and you and your baby have just had A DAY:

  1. Streaming/Youtube mini-workouts! My baby is 12 weeks old and not on any kind of regular napping schedule. When she does sleep it’s usually for at least 20-30 minutes at a time, which gives me enough time to do SOMETHING at least.

I really like this yoga series (for Prime subscribers) because I had never really done yoga prior to my first child, and she really breaks it down to the basics. She also teaches various stress-relieving breathing techniques, and delves into the bigger holistic picture of yoga-induced benefits. It’s not about losing weight, or aspirational “instagram yoga.” Just wellness.

I also love doing this YouTube workout because, no joke, it is a seriously a good workout and it is also amazingly entertaining and hilarious if you like to make fun of 80s aerobic videos.

Here’s a highlight real of this lady’s amazingness

It’s a little longer of a time commitment, but really easy to break up into various points throughout the day. Each song is a different dance segment. Get your leotards and leg warmers out for maximum benefit.

2. Fancy face stuff. I also bought this jade face roller because its true what they say about little luxuries.

It looks legit and Asian, y’all.

3. Napping. It’s so freaking hard to get yourself to nap when the baby is asleep because it’s the best opportunity to do productive (or not productive) shit in peace, but I do feel better ,and like I’ve prioritized myself, when I actually do it.

4. Luxury sweat pants. After my first kid I realized I didn’t need to put on real clothes like, ever. So I didn’t. But at some point the shoddy pajama-like stuff and crappy old sneakers I was wearing made me feel like a frumpy mess. So I bought some high-end “active wear.” Though I may not be active at all while I’m wearing it, I definitely feel more put-together in flattering, stylishly cut sweat-pants or yoga pants. And I don’t feel embarrassed to be out in public so that is also a plus.

5. Drinking water. I drink lots and lots of water, and then every time I pee I feel like I’m getting skinnier.

6. Drinking wine. I also like to treat myself to wine in the evenings, but not enough to get hungover or feel wrecked. Honestly, I’m too tired to finish more than a glass or two anyway before its bed time. But still, drinking wine does feel like an indulgence, and what someone who loves themselves would do.

7. Writing. It reminds me of my old-self which is easy to forget about post-children. This can be substituted with any hobby. It’s true I don’t get much opportunity to do it uninterrupted, but when I do, it lifts my mood and makes me feel more worthwhile.

8. Watching shitty TV/ Not watching shitty TV. Somedays it feels absolutely great to sit and watch a Housewife do something ridiculous, or, in my case, catch up with Brenda and Dylan at the Peach Pit. Other days, TV feels regressive and I treat myself better to turn it off. This is a day-by-day thing.

Guys, lets be friends forever.

The incredible thing about this list is if I do one thing on it, I’m more likely to do the others, too. For instance, if I nap, I might have the energy to work out, and then I will definitely also drink more water! On a larger level, thats the way positivity works. The more you choose to focus on good things, the more good things you find to focus on.

Now “namaste” and “love and light” and shit and go have a good fucking day.

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