The “Mom”est outfit I own


So functional. So boring.

This just screams SUBURBAN MOM.

Not a proud moment for me, as I still fancy myself a rock and roll city chick, but well, here I am, in the suburbs, about to push my kids on a stroller ride around the neighborhood.

Let’s pick this apart.

knit skirt: Target (from, like, 2009 actually. There are many ways to dress this up that are not mom-ish but that is not my story right now).

knit v-neck: also Target. 2020. fitted, versatile, comfortable, wash n’ wear. not a big deal to get poop on

visor: not sure where I got this lame visor but I take sun-protection seriously (said every suburban mom ever. sigh.)

And then there’s the shoes.

I’m not a “cool mom.” I’m a “regular mom.”

You can’t see the full extent of the awful from this shot, so here’s a better one:

Moms love Lands End

It’s not exactly those, but you get the idea. They are so comfortable, and don’t look exactly like a running shoe, but feel like one, and add a touch a femininity blah blah blah. They’re horrible. I’m going to keep wearing them.

Leave me alone.

We all have sides to our personalities, and I don’t feel a particular need to define myself by any particular side, at all. I do a lot of things, but right now, I do a lot of “mom” things, and I need an outfit that says to the world: “stop biting your sister and get in the car.”

Mission accomplished.

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