The C Word

This was a really popular share during pandemic 1.0. I wanted to share again, now that some time has passed, to remind everyone.

Where to even begin. Remember in March when we were talking about the epic brunches we were going to have in April when this whole thing had blown over? And now we’re mid-May and just starting to tip-toe back out into the world. While in hibernation, I hope you got clear on what it is that you want to see when you step back out. I have been fine-tuning my vision as this whole saga has progressed. Today I want to share it because to write it makes it real.

My vision is for people to feel empowered to make their lives into whatever it is they damn well please.

Watching the news and reading about politics very often makes us feel the opposite. This is why I only do it sparingly. Make my words, fear and powerlessness are the two most damning feelings for progress. Stillness, peace and love, followed by actions that you are inspired to take when you’re in those aforementioned feeling states are the most conducive.

My vision is for people to stop comparing their journeys to others.

There is no “right way” and there is no “wrong way” to live a happy, purposed life, dudes. There is a strong drive in each of us to conform, and to do what others do so that we will be accepted by others. But if you peel away the layers it’s because all we really want is connection.

My vision is for healthy ecosystems large and small. That means our own individual “ecosystems” as well as entire landmasses and climate regions. Honestly though, the minute we all realize that we have so much control over our own lives all of these things will fall into place.

My vision is for equal opportunity access to education, but especially the education each of us feels inspired to receive. If someone wants to learn about how machines work they should be able to do that, and indeed because of the internet they basically can.

My vision is for people that realize that the beliefs they have and the place that they resonate, will affect everything they encounter. As above so below, bitches.

My vision is for people that realize that the possibilities are limitless.

The mind is entrapped by what it has already been and done and seen. So it is natural that when we think about the future, we just project forward those things that we have already been and done and seen. This is not how the future works though, it doesn’t happen within our brain’s framework.

i.e. a Pandemic.

Don’t project the future, just be the future you want, today. Let the rest build up around you.

My vision is for people that realize that we are separated only in hologram. To help yourself is to help everyone and everything else.


The golden rule is still golden.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. This ties into the the above point.

I feel like so much of what we read or see is set up to make us feel depressed and powerless but its absolutely not true. What is true is that the best thing we can do to help others is to help ourselves lead the happiest and most fulfilling life we can. And we all have the power to do that.

I read one thing about the world on the news, but then when I look outside and see the trees and flowers blooming and contented people taking walks in the sunshine I see something different. I’m choosing to focus on what I see in the world, instead of what someone else tells me to find.

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